Middle-aged and older people have to ask for sex


Middle-aged and older people have to ask for sex

There are many reasons for the failure of remarriage among middle-aged and elderly people. In addition to disagreements, child intervention, and property issues, there is also a very important issue. Sorry is the sexual problem that is expressed to others.

We know that sex life is the physiological basis of marriage. If sex life is not harmonious, marriage will be difficult to be happy and happy, and even if it will not last long, it will break down.

According to statistics from some middle-aged and elderly marriage agencies, the divorce rate of middle-aged and elderly people after remarriage is high. The reasons are multi-faceted, but sexual disharmony is a leader.

銆€銆€Lao Wang’s two marriages, my friend Lao Wang is more than 60 years old. He is very healthy. Because he is a doctor, he pays attention to maintaining his body. He runs every morning, plays Tai Chi in the afternoon, and has no big problems in his heart, liver and lungs.
His wife died of cancer in the winter of the previous year. Three months later, he married a retired female teacher of the same age.

According to the statement, both of them are intellectuals, and the economic conditions are also good. The children also support their marriage. The life after marriage should be happy, but they are divorced less than half a year after marriage.

A year later, I heard that he was married to a 40-year-old female worker. After less than five months, she was divorced.

After I got this news, I felt very strange, so I made a special trip to his home to find out.

銆€銆€I am an old friend with Lao Wang, and I don’t want to say anything to each other.

He introduced me to the reasons for the two marriages, mainly because of bad sex.

銆€銆€Although Lao Wang is over 60 years old, he has been exercising and he is in good health.

Although the first lady is the same age as him, but her body is relatively thin, her husband has passed away for seven or eight years, she has no interest in sex life, plus post-menopausal vaginal atrophy, the vestibular gland can not secrete mucus, every timeSexual life, she is painful and painful, and she is very painful in thinking. She often refuses the request of Pharaoh.

Therefore, Pharaoh also felt very distressed, and later the two divorced through consultation.

銆€銆€After the divorce, Pharaoh was alone, and asked someone to introduce him to a 40-year-old female worker. This person was young and beautiful, strong and extroverted. The two fell in love at first sight, and soon they got married.

As the saying goes, a woman’s sexual desire is 鈥渢hirty like a wolf, forty is like a tiger鈥? not to mention the female worker’s body is strong and her sexual desire is strong.

Although Pharaoh’s physical condition is better, he is a 60-year-old person. His physical strength and strength have certain limits. He can’t meet her requirements every time. Even if she is exhausted in her sexual life, she still feelsBut addiction, it seems that Pharaoh cheated her in terms of sexual life, and kept saying that Pharaoh is “waste” and “stolen” and “nothing”.

When Lao Wang was a generation of doctors, he was respected. Have you ever heard of others saying this?

She has repeatedly hurt Pharaoh’s self-respect and made Pharaoh very angry, so she was divorced from her in a rage, and it was really “labor and wealth.”

銆€銆€Remarriage asks the two marriages of the Sexual Principal to fail because he does not consider his sexual ability and the other’s sexual ability. This is also a problem that middle-aged and old people are easy to ignore.

Therefore, the remarriage of middle-aged and elderly people must be based on their own age, physical condition, sexual ability, etc., and then choose the right target.

銆€銆€According to research, middle-aged and old friends have no sex, which will affect their health and longevity.

Only a harmonious sexual life will bring emotional comfort and satisfaction to both sides, and even make them lose the sense of loneliness, and can enhance the marital relationship, rejuvenate and prolong life.

In addition to good habits in life, long-lived people basically have recognized sexual ability and coordinated sexual life. Therefore, it is very important to ask about sexual ability before remarriage.

銆€銆€Everyone’s physical and age conditions can be ground from the outside, and sexual ability cannot be ground from the outside.

If the original couple who got married from the youth, through decades of common life, and even now the sexual life is not harmonious, they can get the understanding of the other side, and can compensate from the deep feelings.

The middle-aged and old people who are remarried are different. They spend a short time together and the marriage foundation is not lasting. The one who is sexually confronted often thinks that the other person has no sexual ability and deceives himself. Therefore, after remarriage, he cannot live a good life.Ask for a divorce.

銆€銆€In addition, the sexual abilities of people are very different. Some people are also 60 years old. Some people still maintain strong sexual ability. Some people lose their sexual ability, especially women.

It has been observed that women over the age of 50, if they have sexless for 5 years after being widowed, their vaginal mucosa is obviously atrophied, glandular secretion is greatly reduced, and frequent coldness and painful intercourse are often caused.

And those women who have spouses in their 60s still continue their sexual desire and sexual ability.

Because of the potential differences in sexual ability between middle-aged and elderly people, the middle-aged and elderly people who are advised to be remarried must first ask sex before remarriage.

銆€銆€How to ask sex 1.

First ask your own sex: middle-aged and elderly people who are preparing to remarry must first review their sexual abilities, such as how they feel after widowhood, whether they often have sexual urges, and what is the ratio of their peers, whether they have nostalgia, impotence,Premature ejaculation, whether there is vaginal dryness and coldness, can not have sex after marriage.


Ask each other’s sex again: When choosing a remarriage object, besides considering the other’s age and physical condition, you should also consider sexual ability. The two people should not be too far apart.

Understand the age and physical conditions can be interviewed, understand the sexual ability but is ashamed to open the mouth, can be asked through the introduction, telephone, letter.


Active enhancement ability: The sexual ability of middle-aged and elderly people is generally weak, and can be enhanced by various methods, such as active participation in physical exercise, especially waist exercise; eating more foods with enhanced ability, such as meat, fish and shrimp, pigKidney, oxtail, walnut, longan, black fungus, etc.; often self-massage thigh parts and perineum; pay attention to the correct lifestyle, such as getting up early and getting up early, quit smoking and drinking, do not wear tights, prevent pressing sex organs.

銆€銆€4.Love time should be longer, and actively cultivate feelings: As the saying goes, people are emotional animals, only deep feelings, can understand each other, can learn from each other, be considerate and care for each other.

With a deep foundation of love, even if one party is inferior in sexual ability, it can also gradually adapt to the life of a loving couple to achieve a harmonious life.

Therefore, the love time for middle-aged and old people to remarriage should be longer, pay attention to the cultivation of feelings, and avoid the short-term love time and rush to get married.


After remarriage, it still needs to be tempered: the sexual disharmony of middle-aged and elderly people who are just remarried is a normal phenomenon. Don’t take it too seriously.

Although it is an important factor in family happiness, it is not the only factor. It must not be just married. If you feel dissatisfied with this aspect, you will be divorced. You should find a regularity and achieve harmony in your sexual life after a long period of running-in.