Cosmetics online marketing honey or bitter-

Is cosmetics online marketing honey or bitter?

The initial online shopping market has grown rapidly, and cosmetics sales have ranked third among online shopping products. The success of some daily chemical brands in online sales has made many daily chemical companies appetite.

It is reported that at present, daily chemical giants such as P & G have started to test online marketing, but some daily chemical companies have blocked online sales due to fakes and low prices. Whether it is honey or bitter wine, the Internet has become a channel that daily chemical companies must consider.


hzh {display: none; }  据艾瑞咨询最近推出的《2009-2010年中国网络购物行业发展报告》显示,2009年网购规模达2483.5 ten percent, an annual increase of 93.

7%, the proportion of total retail sales of consumer goods rose to 1.

98%, the number of online shopping users is expected to exceed 1 billion, and the penetration rate among netizens can reach 28.


Online shopping has gradually evolved into a natural habit and has become an important part of Internet life for netizens.

  It is said that Zhao Hongtao, the leader of Alibaba South China, introduced at the daily chemical industry summit held by Guangzhou Daily. At present, whether in Taobao or Alibaba, cosmetics has become a very mature industry, and currently it ranks among the top three in terms of sales revenue on the Internet.

“Some people specialize in masks for international trade. They can sell up to 80 million a month, and a mask with a dozen dollars can sell for $ 10.

“This is the gold that online shopping brings.

  Due to the high proportion of women in the online shopping army, the daily chemical companies with women as the main consumer group are full of longing for online shopping.

Currently, Procter & Gamble, IELTS Lauder, Mary Kay, etc. have begun to test water e-commerce.

Recently, L’Oréal also stated at the financial report conference that the successful attempt to sell Lancome, a high-end cosmetic product, in online stores has proved that the Internet has become a good distribution channel for L’Oreal.

In the Air Force, Yu Meijing, Xie Yichun, Baique Ling and other domestically-established time-honored brands have long been hot on the Internet.

  The pain of online shopping fakes and low prices affect counter business E-commerce is not everyone can do, and can do well.

The problem of fakes and channel management brought by online shopping has always been a barrier to intercepting daily chemical companies.

  Earlier this year, the famous French cosmetics company Pierre Faber Group sent a lawyer’s letter to Taobao, stating that all products outside the counter were fakes, killing all online stores selling Avene.

This is not a case. The problem of fakes has become a major problem in the online shopping cosmetics market. This not only affects the brand image and interests of cosmetics, but also makes many cosmetics companies dare not try on the online shopping market.

  For consumers, the biggest attraction of online shopping products is price.

However, the low price of the Internet has caused headaches for traditional enterprises.

“The ultra-low prices of online shopping have begun to affect the business of our counters and have caused confusion in the management of dealers.

“A daily public relations director of a daily chemical company told our reporter.

Yan Zhirong, Chief Executive Officer of Amway China, recently disclosed to this reporter that Amway is currently working with telecommunications to develop e-commerce, but he still stated firmly that for Amway, the network can help marketers get more customers, but the company does notLet online shopping and direct sales staff grab business.

  It is reported that the website used to sell more between consumers, but now it has evolved into a means of cross-stocking between dealers, which has disrupted the product price system and touched the interests of manufacturers.

“If you do not do well in fakes and channel management, it will inevitably suffer if you try to test the network marketing.

Daily chemical expert Yang Yu said.

  Online shopping balance point enterprises can design products for online sales. If they have established their own brand through traditional channels, counterfeit goods and low prices are the main difficulties facing online marketing. If you can find a balance point in this regard, you will not be successful.Far.

But many companies currently have no good way to deal with this problem.

Zheng Weidong, director of Guangdong Baohua Testing Center, suggested that if you want to solve this problem completely, companies can set up online brands and design products for online sales to distinguish them from traditional channels such as department store counters.

  If it is a daily chemical company that specializes in professional lines such as beauty salons, its products may be good, but it is not known to the public. It is really difficult to do online shopping.

  According to Zhao Hongtao’s suggestion, “At present, a common problem faced by cosmetics sales on the Internet is brand differentiation, or functional differentiation, with high similarity.

However, I think the name ‘Doctor Bai’ has solved the inner appeal of consumers. The reason why we see a lot of products selling well on the website now is that some types of products have their own demands.

Because online shopping is for young people, you must be dazzling.