Can’t dismiss candidates’ mental health before exam

Can’t dismiss candidates’ mental health before exam

15-year-old Dong Dong is a junior high school student. After prolonged middle school entrance examination, Dong Dong began to become irritable, dull, and even developed into insomnia, headache, and his steady performance began to decrease.

Anxious parents don’t understand: what happened to the child?

  It is said that mental health education experts said that it is normal for candidates to experience emotional fluctuations before the exam, especially some top students. In the face of teachers, parents and candidates’ high expectations, they will inevitably feel nervous and stressed.

The key is not to generate negative psychological cues.

Tension can increase efficiency. What needs to be prevented is excessive tension.

Therefore, candidates must have a knowledge reserve in order to take the exam, and they also need sunshine psychology.

  How to keep sunshine mentality?

Experts said that the first thing to evaluate is to cultivate self-confidence.

The specific methods are: walk up your head and chest, walk a little faster; smile; look at Qiangke and so on.

To eliminate the negative emotional impact of society.

Don’t suppress yourself when you encounter frustration or unhappy things, talk to them in time, let out; you can also use your sports, listening to music and other things you like to divert your attention.

At the same time, candidates and parents should have appropriate goals and reasonable expectations.

If expectations are too high and you are not sure, you will naturally feel nervous and frustrated; on the contrary, you may get unexpected surprises.