At the summer health care: often eat a soup, two porridge, three melons, remember to pay attention to four pits!


At the summer health care: often eat a soup, two porridge, three melons, remember to pay attention to four pits!

At the midday of August 23, it is the summer heat in the 24th solar terms. It means that the heat is about to leave the weather and gradually cool down to prepare for the fall?

One soup: clearing heat and dampness two porridge: spleen and nourishing stomach three melons: cool and moistening dry four major attention to adjust the work schedule, ease the situation of autumn lack, the natural yang qi converges from evacuation, the yin and yang of the human body also rises and fallsConversion.

Therefore, people often come with lazy fatigue after entering the autumn, which is what people often say.

In order to prevent the lack of autumn affecting normal work, study and life, it is necessary to adjust the habits and methods of sleeping late in the summer, so that you can get up early and get up early, take a proper lunch break, and stretch more and help to alleviate the lack of autumn.

The diet is light, the lungs and anti-drying areas are obviously dry after the summer, the lungs are easily injured, and it is prone to cough, gastroenteritis, bronchitis and other symptoms.

At this time, diet should benefit kidney and nourish the liver, moisten the lungs and nourish the stomach, eat less spicy, barbecue foods, so as not to aggravate autumn dryness.

Eat more foods that are clear and refreshing, such as white fungus, lily, lotus seeds, spinach, etc., but these foods should not be eaten too much at a time, so eat less and eat more.

Water intake can not be less, you can drink a cup of warm water after getting up in the morning, usually drink some honeysuckle tea, chrysanthemum tea, heat and detoxification, nourishing yin and moistening.

Adding clothes in the morning and evening, the sleeping cover is said by the saying: “Spring, autumn and autumn, no miscellaneous disease”, is to let the body temperature not be high in the autumn, in order to facilitate convergence of yang, because when the heat goes out, there will be a cold exchange.

However, in the morning and evening, the climate temperature difference is large. In the morning and evening, you should pay attention to adding clothes. At night, you should close the doors and windows, and the abdomen should be covered with a thin stomach to prevent stomach recurrence. In particular, you should take care to prevent colds.

After easy exercise and nourishment of the spiritual situation, everything in the world will turn from the vitality of spring and summer to the depression, and the dryness of the autumn, people’s mood changes and even depression are normal physiological reactions. At this time, attention should be paid to convergence and maintain the heart.calm.

The first pit of the five pits in early autumn health: watermelon watermelon is still very delicious?

Please eat less melons and bad belly!

The heat is here, but the watermelon is still circulating in the market. At this time, the sweet watermelon is still very attractive. Many friends think that since they are still selling, they can still eat every day.

In fact, this is not very good: there is a folk saying that “the melon is bad belly”, it is said that there is still some heat after the autumn, the summer is the official end of the summer, some delicious melons are mostly chilly, especiallyFor some middle-aged and elderly people with weak gastrointestinal tract, it will lay the foundation for the stomach disease in autumn.

Therefore, melons should be adequate, but some “fruits” can be eaten.

Recommended by the masters of Chinese medicine before the health:[Pear]Run the lungs, can eliminate cough, is the most recommended fruit in the fall.

[Apple]Multivitamins and potassium are beneficial not only for patients with cardiovascular disease, but also for diarrhea.

[Longan]has nourishing, strong, soothing, and blood-filling effects, especially suitable for the elderly who suffer from insomnia at night.

[Grape]can prevent fatigue, good gas, blood, bones, stomach, diuretic and so on.

Second pit: Air conditioning and air conditioning continue to blow all night?

Asthma cough and sputum hurt your lungs in the air-conditioned room, you may not be able to adapt to the temperature of the cascading, even after the summer, the summer is much colder, and there are many people who are reluctant to turn off the air conditioner all night.

In fact, after the summer, we should stop air conditioning, at least sooner or later, we do not have to open, the benefits of not opening air conditioning after the summer have the following two points: First: protect the spleen and stomach.

The temperature is not high in the morning and evening. At this time, the air conditioner is still blowing. It is like driving a fan in the winter, which makes the spleen and stomach unconsciously injured.

Second: protect the lungs.

In a summer, the indoor ventilation is relatively closed. After the summer, you should hurry and open the window to make the air flow, so that the autumn wind will wash away the hot and humid air in the room, instead of continuing to close the door and let your lungs get hurt.

Third: save electricity.

At the same time, indoor plants can be raised, such as potted citrus, spider plant, and bamboo, which can regulate indoor air and increase oxygen content.

It should be noted that it is best to keep the window closed before going to sleep, in order to prevent the cold and dampness from invading the human body.

The third pit: Jiang Tiantian can eat ginger and dispel cold?

In the autumn, eating ginger is the most harmful to the lungs. “In a year, the autumn does not eat ginger” is an ancient Chinese medicine training. It is also a summary of the personal experience of the Chinese people for thousands of years: there is a clear season for eating.

(Note: If it is raining in the fall, you have to catch a cold, you can enter the house to drink ginger soup, this is a special period of cold) ginger, which contains volatile oil, can accelerate blood circulation; also contains gingerol, with stimulationGastric juice secretion, excites the body, promotes the function of digestion; ginger also contains gingerol, which can reduce the occurrence of gallstones.

Therefore, it has both advantages and disadvantages, and the autumn climate is dry, dry and hurt the lungs, plus eating spicy ginger, it is more likely to damage the lungs, exacerbate the body’s water loss and dryness.

(People who usually have the habit of eating ginger in the morning, also recommended not to eat in the fall) At the same time, the lungs are related to various other organs, especially the stomach and kidney. Therefore, autumn lung dryness often occurs at the same time as lung and stomach loss.

At this point, we must avoid eating ginger, come to a lotus root moisturizing little point: honey mixed with simmered slices will be washed and sliced with boiling water, remove it, put the right amount of honey.

It is sweet and fragrant, rich in various nutrients, especially vitamin C. The honey is not only a nourishing good, but also a good medicine for treating various diseases. It can be directly supplied and supplemented, supplementing body fluids and nourishing the whole body. It is cool blood and fluid.Good prescription.

The fourth pit: it will be better to eat early in the morning, eating ginseng is better than sleeping in the summer, when it is dawning early, we usually get up early, some middle-aged people even go out to buy food at 5 o’clock, if it is completely available in summer: Because I get up early in the summer to buy food, I can avoid the high temperature in the morning.

However, the summer solar terms are in an alternating period from heat to cold. At this time, it is already very cool in the morning and evening, and the body sweating is reduced. The water and salt metabolism begins to change from summer imbalance to another balance, cardiovascular and nerve.The system burden is reduced and the internal functions are getting normal.The human body function begins to enter another stage, and these conversions require energy consumption, and the human body will have an inexplicable “autumn lack”.
Therefore, people’s living should be adjusted accordingly after the summer, especially if you have too much sleep, it is better to sleep an hour more than usual, because only in this way can you adapt to the “autumn lack”.

Increase sleep for one hour, for a period of time: before going to bed at 10 o’clock, you can still stay in bed for the same time, and then extend for an hour to get up again.

Middle-aged and elderly people over 60 years old sleep 6?
7 hours, 40?
The 60-year-old middle-aged friend sleeps for 7 hours. The child in the growing season, the working family sleeps for 8 hours, and guarantees a quality nap. It can keep people refreshed, and save energy and recharge before the winter.

The fifth pit: If you cool down, then add clothes?

Autumn and three-point body is good!

“Spring, Autumn and Autumn” is very well known to us. When you are in the heat, don’t rush to start adding clothes because of the acceleration in the morning and evening. It feels too cold, and the feeling of cold and warm can help us improve the body.Adaptability to low temperature environments.

Of course, this is not a blind freeze. Everyone is optimistic about two standards: when the difference between the highest temperature and the lowest temperature is 鈮? 掳C, one piece of clothing will be added sooner or later; when the temperature is <15 掳C, pay attention to dressing more; of course,Autumn and autumn will vary from person to person. It is recommended that apples can reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, and it is suitable for eating in the autumn season. Yam can clear the heart and soothe the nerves, supplement the vital energy, help the five internal organs, strong bones and muscles, can maintain the elasticity of the blood vessels and prevent arteriosclerosis. American ginseng can resist fatigue and anti-hypoxia. In autumn, people will have yin deficiency and qi, dry mouth and thirst, wilting and fatigue. When adding porridge or stew, add some American ginseng, even calm and prevent autumn dryness, and gently nourish. White radish white radish contains mustard oil, amylase and crude fiber, which promotes digestion, enhances appetite, accelerates metabolic peristalsis and relieves cough and phlegm. Click to learn more and get more health knowledge!