Eight common bodybuilding exercises

Eight common bodybuilding exercises

The perfect curve is the dream of a woman’s life and the capital of a woman’s elegance and romance.

I believe that many women want to move to the “auntie house” in the face of their “abundant belly” and “irregular buildings”; but it is difficult to lose weight and the willpower to continue to lose weight.

After losing weight, it is more difficult to go back fat and no longer rebound; in fact, the most difficult thing is to choose effective, suitable for your own sports and stick to it, to develop a habit of “moving every move.”

  Nowadays, sports programs are like a wide variety of products, providing the public with a variety of choices: mass aerobics such as aerobics classes, aerobic dance, combat aerobics, SPINNING, fitness ball, aerobics,Hip-hop, Yoga (YOGA), Laimei International Fitness System, Ballet, Tai Chi, Taekwondo, etc .; there are also many types of aerobic equipment: aerobic bicycles, rowing machines, full-function elliptical machines, steppers; power equipmentMore common: free training equipment, machine equipment training and other fashion fitness items.

In the face of so many fitness programs, how to choose these fitness content is particularly important: public aerobics: recommended index ★★★★★ The range of sports activities involves every joint in the whole body, and in some courses about 50 minutesIn the gym, the gymnasts performed rhythmic and step-by-step aerobic exercise with the encouragement and encouragement of their partners, music, lights, coach passwords.

Can burn a large number of aunts and improve participants’ cardiopulmonary function.

It is the first choice for weight loss, physical fitness and body shape.

  ☆ Not suitable for people: cardiovascular, hypertension, diabetes and other patients are not easy to choose.

  Aerobic dance: recommended index ★★★★ Aerobic dance can consume too much energy and can aerobicize many dance movements. Unlike aerobic movements, it has many styles. According to the movements and music,Different characteristics are divided into: Aerobic dance, HIP-HOP, FUNK, SALSA and other aerobic dance.

  ☆ Suitable for the crowd: Aerobic dance for fitness people who have a foundation in dance to improve their temperament and maintain an elegant shape. Latin aerobics: recommended index.There are a lot of movements, and the effect of reducing excess waist and abdomen is particularly prominent.

  ☆ There is no dance foundation, and poorly coordinated people are not easy to achieve fitness effects. Aerobic dance: Funk, hip-hop: recommended index ★ Funk, hip-hop is aerobic dance with a free dance style.

The movements are relaxed and free of change. It can improve the coordination of the exerciser and achieve the purpose of fitness.

  ☆ Adapt to aerobics for young people and highly coordinated people (recommended exercise): Recommended index ★★★★ This item is an aerobics that combines music, dance, boxing, and boxing.

The difference between boxing aerobics and boxing is that the former’s goal is fitness, and the other goal is to win the game, it is more vulnerable, and it is not suitable for the public.

It is a supplement to combat or aerobics.

It can improve self-confidence, muscle coordination and necessary skills and flexibility.

  ☆ Suitable for the crowd: Since it is not a competitive sport, most people (men, women and children) can participate.

  Spinnig per hour: recommended index ★★★★★ It is one of the most popular aerobic fitness programs in Europe and the United States. Some people call a sport a “dance on a bicycle”, which makes the wheels rotate continuously., Normally adjust the exercise load, the amount of exercise can be large or small, easy to learn, easy to train and full of movement, so as to achieve the effect of reducing excess meat in the lumbar spine, building lower limbs and improving cardiopulmonary function.

  ☆ Not suitable for people with joint pain and poor physical fitness ball: Recommended index ★★★★★ The fitness ball was originally used in Switzerland as a rehabilitation medical device.

After that, the fitness ball was passed to Sweden, Europe, the United States, the United States and other countries for the treatment of low back diseases, neurological disorders, complications and shoulder rehabilitation medical treatment, correcting posture, improving patient balance and other diseases.

Due to the role of exercise balls in improving certain muscles (lower back, pelvis), exercise is also widely promoted.

Fitness ball is no longer just a physical therapy, it has also become an emerging fitness sport.

  ☆ Suitable for the crowd: It is suitable for all people who need rehabilitation treatment. Its fitness effect is good, especially for the spine and pelvic exercise. The fitness ball has good damage recovery and rehabilitation function (significant effect for lower back disease).

It is safer during exercise, less prone to injury, and can improve the flexibility, strength, balance, posture, and cardiopulmonary function of people (including patients and injured people).

  ☆ Not suitable for people who are overweight and want to lose weight. Yoga (YOGA): Recommended Index ★★★ The original meaning of the word yoga is “fusion”, “harmony”. The practice of yoga in ancient Tibet and India was intended to pursue self and harmony.The unity of the gods.

It is not a competitive game dedicated to the pursuit of difficult postures and positions on the body. Real yoga is a self-cultivation lifestyle.

In many cities in China, yoga is like a fashion symbol. Yoga practice has become synonymous with health in many people’s minds.