Cold and cold, frozen is healthier

Cold and cold, “frozen” is healthier

Storage short sleeves, no sandals “A cold autumn rain”, the autumn cool and alternating, the temperature gradually decline, after the “white body is not exposed”, and then to the “cold exposed feet” season.
Compared with the white dew, the chill of the cold dew has literally entered a layer. In addition to not being able to show off the body, there are also summer sandals that should not be worn to prevent the cold from invading the body from the soles of the feet.
So when it comes to this solar term, the diligent housewives can wash all the sandals in the house.
There is also a proverb that says, “It’s rare to eat cold rice.
“Summer short sleeves can also be washed and stored, and will be worn again in the coming year.
“Frozen” is healthier. After the summer heat, sweating, the body’s salt is lost more, the summer’s pores are open, and the autumn is getting cold, and the pores begin to shrink.
If the weather is a little cold, you will be eager to add clothes, and the skin will not suffer from cold exercise.
At this time, freeze it and let the body gradually adapt to the low temperature environment.
In addition, when the season begins to change, the temperature is still unstable, too much prematurely increase the clothes, once the temperature rises, sweating and wind, it is easier to catch a cold.
Autumn freeze has a certain degree of attention. If you don’t pay attention, it will bring other injuries to the body. For example, the feet, shoulders, navel and waist can not be frozen.
“As the saying goes, the disease starts from the cold, and the cold is born from the feet.
Even if you exercise your own anti-freezing ability, you can’t let your feet get cold. Especially women should pay special attention to it. The cold of the feet can easily lead to poor blood circulation in the uterus and lower abdomen, causing the menstrual period to be advanced or delayed.Causes dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation.
When the shoulder is cold, it will cause poor blood circulation in the upper limbs, which makes people feel aching shoulders, stiff cervical spine, and even dizziness.
If the shoulder and neck are cold for a long time, cervical spondylosis will form upwards, which will cause lung disease.
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Arthritis patients Wind and cold dampness is the main cause of joint disease, cold stagnation, so that blood and blood run poorly, no pain.
Therefore, such patients should pay attention to the warmth of the legs from the beginning of autumn, not suitable for “autumn freezing.”
Patients with ulcer disease After the human body is stimulated by cold, the histamine in the blood increases, the gastric acid secretion is strong, causing stomach cramps, causing the original ulcer disease to recur, and even causing stomach bleeding and gastric perforation.
Patients with cerebrovascular disease The human body is stimulated by cold, causing sympathetic excitation, contraction of the whole body capillaries, increased peripheral resistance, and elevated blood pressure, which may easily lead to cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral thrombosis.
Chronic lung disease The cold air in autumn will cause bad stimulation to the respiratory tract, causing allergic reactions, causing paralysis of the trachea, bronchus or bronchioles, causing recurrence or aggravation of chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma.
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Spring and autumn, at this time, we have to gradually add clothes as the weather turns cold, but don’t add too much, too fast.
Moderate exposure to some cold in the fall helps to improve the cold resistance of the skin and nasal mucosa.
In addition, during the diarrhea-prone season in the fall, special attention should be paid to the warmth of the abdomen.