[Can confinement eat rice]_Rice_Maternity_Can I eat

[Can confinement eat rice]_Rice_Maternity_Can I eat

During confinement, you should pay attention to eating some tonic which is effective for the body. You can eat rice during confinement. The low sugar content can promote the body’s vitality and vitality.It is to drink more sticky rice porridge. The effect of sticky rice is better than that of rice, and it is good for replenishing blood and qi, conditioning the body and promoting vitality repair. The maternal stomach is weak after giving birth.Easy to digest and very suitable for maternal consumption.

More than 90% of the essential nutrients of the human body are in the embryo and aleurone layer of rice, which is “Mizhen”, and they are balanced at the same time. This should be the fundamental reason why it has become a human staple food.

Rice contains about 75% cobalt, 7% -8% protein, and aunt 1.

3% -1.

8% and rich in B vitamins.

The trace content in rice is very small. The trace content in rice is mainly concentrated in “Mizhen”. The trace content is about 20%. The linoleic acid content in the trace is higher, which generally accounts for 34% of the total trace.2-5 times more than Lai seed oil and tea oil.

Rice has higher nutritional value, but the content of lysine and threonine in rice protein is more, so it is not a complete protein, and its nutritional value is not as good as animal protein.

But eating rice at lunch and dinner is more conducive to postpartum weight loss than pasta.