1-0 lead, Juventus fans screamed: In addition to C Ronaldo, others kicked the ball!


1-0 lead, Juventus fans screamed: In addition to C Ronaldo, others kicked the ball!

Beijing time on October 21 at 0 am, 2018-19 season Serie A round 9, Juventus at home against Genoa.

C Ronaldo once again became the most shining star. In the 18th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo broke and scored his 400th goal in the 5 major leagues in Europe (Manchester United 84 goals, Real Madrid 311 goals, Juventus 5 goals).

It is a pity that Juventus only got a draw of 1-1, and the game’s 10-game winning streak came to an abrupt end.

In the fifth game of Real Madrid’s first game, creating the team’s longest 481-minute scoring drought, Ronaldo’s stability, strong play, more and more eye-catching.

In the first 8 rounds of Serie A, Cristiano Ronaldo contributed 4 goals and 4 assists. He is the player who scored the most points in Serie A (the sum of goals and assists).

At home against Genoa, C Ronaldo’s simplest shot in front of the goal, harvesting his 400th goal in the TOP5 league in Europe.

It seems that Ronaldo’s goal is extremely simple. It can be predicted that C Ronaldo will continue to carry out the off-ball position and always look for the void of Genoa’s defense.

Fortunately, he always pays attention to the diligent person. Behind Ronaldo’s 鈥済ood luck鈥?is his hard work and dedication.

After joining Juventus, this spirit of Ronaldo also infected and inspired Juventus’ teammates.

However, this time, Juventus played a bit loose – after the lead, relaxed vigilance, this is the last thing I want to see, and the most worrying thing for Juventus fans, after all, it happened.

Since there was a Champions League match next week, after a 1-0 lead, Juventus tried to slow down the pace of the game and began to play “health balls”. The team was somewhat absent-minded, and Juventus fans at the Allianz Arena made a buzz.

In the 67th minute, Genoa’s Bessa header broke the goal to equalize the score!

Juventus lost the lead, this is like a dream to wake up, Dibala, Douglas-Costa, Bernardyski came off the bench and began high-intensity oppression and offense.

However, Juve played a lack of organization and conditioning, coach Allegri was anxious to point to his head!

A draw of 1-1 means Juve’s Serie A 8-game winning streak and the event’s 10-game winning streak ended.

Serie A reporter Adam Digby commented: Juventus paid a price for the loose, after the 1-0 lead, Juventus can continue to score the game, but the team once lacked the desire to fight.

Bernardeschi, Douglas Costa, Dibala performed poorly after the bench, Juventus’ disappointment in the second half, and not much support for Ronaldo.

For Juventus, this is indeed a fierce and insulting game: Costa and Dibala are obviously in a bad state and are still in a single-player mode; for conceding a goal, Bonucci and Benatia made a “see”The ball didn’t look at people’s mistakes. The two men watched Bessa’s header break the net; Bentancourt, who was in the midfield, also lacked the ability to advance the ball.

After the lead, I didn’t think about making progress. The snoring of Juventus fans made sense.

However, Ronaldo can leave first: in the post-match score of the famous football website whoscored, Ronaldo scored 7.

9 points, the highest in the game, Juve 21 shots in the audience, only 3 shots, C Ronaldo shot 11 times, 3 shots.

In the case of the downturn of the whole team, only C Ronaldo maintains the desire and stability of fighting.