Mother supplies list

Mother supplies list

Maternity wear: alternative lightweight and beautiful affordable.

  Breastfeeding underwear: From the third month of pregnancy, you need to change the breastfeeding underwear that is about two cups larger than the original, so that there is sufficient space for the breasts to prepare for the future.

Need cotton grit, if you want to pay attention to the occasion and image instead of soft steel ring like breastfeeding underwear, but the price is generally higher.

Otherwise, choose ordinary cotton underwear without steel ring.

  Maternal skin care and hair care series: The practical range is for pregnant women and lactating mothers.

All natural plant formula without any chemicals.

  Protective barrier cream: It is equivalent to the protective function of anti-radiation clothes. It can eliminate the stimulating radiation of ultraviolet rays and computers, but it needs to be used before the second trimester.

  Special products for pregnant women: Women’s cleaning series are selected according to personal circumstances, because the decline in resistance during pregnancy will produce some gynecological diseases that did not exist before, and prevent and alleviate the effect; stretch mark massage repair cream to prevent and reduce stretch marks, choose according to individual circumstances;The breast massage cream is used to massage the breasts after each bath to promote circulation, breast patency, and milk secretion. It is prepared for milk in the future and can be selected according to personal circumstances.

The lumbar support pillow responds to the fact that it is not comfortable to sleep at night in the late stage, and is selected according to personal washing.

  Maternity special supplies: The breast pump can be operated manually, and the preparation before or after birth can be determined by individuals; prepare one washable disposable pad for the anti-collapse pad, and do not prepare too much, so as to avoid waste of milk in the future, the main response isWhile feeding, the other side leaks milk and shows the situation of rising milk when going out; maternity sanitary napkins (parturient pads) are mainly used during lochia, it is recommended to prepare for maternity only, do not use ordinary lengthening type; physiological pants physiological period physiological replacement pads convenient, Use according to personal circumstances; whole body firming lotion is used to tighten the postpartum loose stomach, use as appropriate; the abdominal girdle is recommended to prepare, can be delivered before and after delivery, if postpartum preparation, you can choose a cesarean section and special delivery bundle according to your situationcummerbund.

  Hospital list: the most common toilet paper, prepare a few more bags of medicine, need to be used in the delivery room and delivery room and a few days before birth.

There are several pieces of underwear, two pieces of underwear, two pieces of bad jackets, one to wear when hospitalized, and one to drag when going to bed.

A large cup can be used for drinking water and brown sugar water, a bag of straws, so that it is not convenient to get up or use liquid food a few days ago, a spoon, washbasin, foot basin, towels, toiletries, and slippers, thousandPlease follow me.

Chocolate, steamed longan, for prenatal energy replenishment, a pack of brown sugar, take postpartum.

Anti-spill pads, breast pumps, a can of milk powder, a pack of wet urine, do not prepare too much, the hospital may send.

Wet wipes and towels may be used by the baby when in the hospital, and a set of new underwear for the baby. Although it will be issued by the hospital, it is necessary to prepare it when the baby cannot wear it, and a small quilt when discharged.Little hats and more, the most important thing is not to forget to bring cash and documents.