Disgusting man after marriage

Disgusting man after marriage

After marriage, there may be a running-in period between husband and wife.

There may be many things that make women feel dissatisfied. These dissatisfaction things are sometimes men’s problems, but sometimes they are womenProblem.


  1. Before the time limit comes home, women are not too strict with men. But after marriage, many women strictly control men. Where do they eat?

With whom?

He tirelessly asked more questions and controlled the time when men returned home.

Men seem to become prisoners, and when time comes, they have to go into trumpets, and women seem to become prison guards.

Many men have a fear of home after marriage.

  2. After going out and asking about marriage after marriage, women are very cautious about making friends with men. They feel that men are their own property and should be owned by themselves. Others, especially other women, cannot share.

When men need to meet friends and make friends, they must report to women in detail.

Some women check their husband’s cell phone information and call history.

Thoroughly, the e-mails and online chat records of men must be reviewed. When suspicious places are encountered, the men are closely questioned, and the men seem to become prisoners.

  3, urging to pay wages to marry the Han to marry the Han to dress and eat, this is a matter of natural justice.

Regardless of whether women work or not, men should take on the heavy responsibility of supporting their families.

However, many women mistakenly believe that men should give their money to themselves. What’s more, women push men to pay wages, and men are troubled.

Some men were forced into anxiety, and even said, “Marrying a wife is equivalent to finding an owner, and you have become a long-term worker. You will have to pay rent when the time comes.

“All the good memories of the original love relationship disappeared.

  4. Fighting with a man’s family Many times, when a woman meets her future mother-in-law and mother-in-law before marriage, they cover up their own characteristics and show a gentle and graceful look, which is very attractive.

Once you get married, you can show your vixen’s face, quarrel with your mother-in-law, and even scold your mother-in-law. There are a lot of clashes with other aunts and other men. I do n’t know how to get a man in the middle?

Disagreement between mother-in-law and mother-in-law is an eternal topic, but as a woman, you have to go through the process from daughter-in-law to mother-in-law. I really do n’t know when this story will end, and how many men are still suffering?

  5. Women who always take their own men to others’ men like to show off their boyfriends before getting married, especially many leftover girls are even more excited when they find a man and feel that they are finally married.

However, after marriage, women’s requirements for men have evolved from pre-marital chic and other appearance standards to career success, and how much money they make.

Many women always like to say, “You see how capable they are. I’m unlucky to marry you.”

“At such times, many men are really complacent.

Many men therefore seek comfort from the opposite sex outside of marriage.

  6. When men are most frustrated, women often say, “how do I marry you?” This is a process of understanding, familiarization, start, development, adjustment, and development.

Men entering society must conform to this law.

It is impossible to have a good job at all times. Men are sometimes successful or frustrated or low.

In fact, men need comfort from their wives during low tide.

However, women can only see the good of men and not the difference of men. They can only share the success of men and not the comfort of men.

Those who are too much say, “How can I marry you?”

“No matter how much a man loved a woman before, when he heard this, the man’s wife had left his heart, and even there were no other women in his heart at that time, but it was not far behind.

  7, when a man occasionally bragging, just point it out, don’t give a man a face. Men usually brag a little bit for the sake of face. This is a man’s common sense, no fuss.

However, many women often expose it face-to-face when men say something big, and don’t give men face at all.

In fact, women don’t know that if they don’t give their man’s face in front of others, they are demeaning to a certain extent.

If the man was a revenge man, the woman basically died half in his heart.