The secrets of the health of the top ten longevity elderly in China, they all do these three things, do not do this one thing!


The secrets of the health of the top ten longevity elderly in China, they all do these three things, do not do this one thing!

The longest-lived old man in China, Alimihan Seyati, is 132 years old. The top ten youngest in the top ten is already 115 years old. After interviewing and researching, I found that the ten old people have living environment and living habits.Not the same, but there is something in common, that is, they will do these three things, not do it.

Ami Mihan Seyati must do these three things from the perspective of professional Chinese medicine, it is also very beneficial to the health of the body: eat less meat and eat less meat, the longest-lived old man, Arimie SeyatiShe said that she loves meat very much, but she doesn’t eat too much at the same time; Dilla Gamhan Sultan also said that although she likes meat very much, she does not eat it every day.

In general, the right amount of meat is one of the secrets of these elderly people to maintain longevity.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, pork has a good tonic, body, nourishing yin and moisturizing, and the role of the skin is the most common meat; the mutton is warm and nourishing, and it has a good warmth for the body and body.The duck meat is suitable for the body to have heat, the person who gets angry can eliminate the annoyance, the edema, the five upset heat caused by the heart yin deficiency, the throat dry thirst has a good improvement effect. but excessive consumption,Over time, the blood pressure of high blood pressure causes three high complications, so the right amount of food can not only have no burden on the body, but also have a good nourishing effect on the body.

The multi-sports and bamboo rafts are the era of energy turbulence and the pillars of the family, so even at the age of seniors, they have always insisted on sports.

Dillazhem Suritan likes to clean and clean up the housework every day; Pu Amyti is very diligent, has been helping the family to release cattle and sheep, insisting on labor; Amymi did not give up the field work until the leg attack, but still insistedGo out for a walk after dinner.

Sedentary people are prone to cause various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction.

If a person takes a long time to sit, relatively speaking, the heart workload is relatively small, the heart function is reduced, the blood circulation is slowed down, and the lipids in the blood are easily deposited on the arterial wall, and the blood lipids are naturally high.

If you do not pay attention to conditioning, it is very prone to atherosclerosis, acute myocardial infarction, treatment is not timely, the mortality rate will be very high.

Especially the blood vessels of the elderly, the heart is more fragile, so insist on exercise, exercise is the key to maintaining longevity.

Napping nap Dirazhemhan Su Litan has always insisted on the habit of taking a nap every day, even if time permits, will take a moment to rest.

As the saying goes, “People are healthy, the most important, rest well, meridian.

“It is noon from 11:00 to 12:00, and it is especially good to take a nap at this time.”

Noon is the most prosperous time in the day, we need to rest to nourish the Yin, so that the Yin and Yang can be reconciled, so as to avoid the lack of heart.

Therefore, I suggest that you try to sleep for half an hour to an hour of noon, even if there are no conditions, rest for five to ten minutes.

But here is a reminder to office workers, if you can only lie on your body, then I still advise you not to sleep, because this will make the organs in the body, including the heart, in a “wolf” state.These, not only can not get rest, will be more tired, and also not good for the cervical spine.

At this time, it is better for everyone to close their eyes and keep their eyes on the chair, so that they can calm themselves down and let the heart rest.

One thing that these old people will not do is to never refuse to live, and they have always been cheerful and optimistic.

Optimistic and cheerful Dirazhem Sulitan does not mean life, but has never repeated life, but optimistically and actively propped up the whole family.

Many diseases start with “heart disease”, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems are no exception.

For example, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and long-term tension, worry can not be separated.

So having a good attitude is also one of the secrets of longevity.