Sore throat – be careful with the toothbrush


Sore throat?

Be careful is the fault of the toothbrush

There is no discomfort in the body, and the routine and diet are regular. The sore throat is still happening. What is going on?

This is very likely to be a toothbrush, you need to go home and check the toothbrush hygiene.


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For people with low immunity, severe diseases such as rheumatic myocarditis and nephritis may occur.

銆€銆€After 3 weeks, the toothbrush is a bacteria concentration camp. The oral experts pointed out that the toothbrush generally produces pollution after about 30 days. The number of bacteria is up to one million, which is equal to the amount of bacteria in 9 cups of rag water, which is equivalent to the amount of bacteria in 29 one-dollar coins.

Usually, people do not pay attention to disinfection after use. In the surrounding environment, bacteria are often rapidly propagated, which in turn causes oral bacterial infection, which is extremely unfavorable to the human body.

銆€銆€Few people in life will change their toothbrush for one month. Some people use inferior toothbrush for a long time. Not only can they not know the oral bacteria, but the carcinogenic nitrosamines are formed, causing serious oral cavity. It has stimulated oral cells for a long time and caused oral cancer.

銆€銆€In the high season of influenza, the two toothbrushes are exchanged because the toothbrush is often in an alternating state, and the pathogen is easy to breed. Experts suggest that the toothbrush can be placed away from the alternating toilet, especially in the high-flu period, preparing two toothbrushes, which can be used alternately in the morning and evening.Prevent infections caused by tilting the toothbrush.

In addition, because the toothbrush contacts every corner of the teeth and the mouth, a large number of bacteria are hidden in the gap, should be cleaned and replaced regularly, the toothbrush can be disinfected with a disinfection cabinet, or the toothbrush is placed in hydrogen peroxide, experts recommend that every twoReplace the toothbrush once a month to avoid a health hazard to the human body.