St. Mary’s is an eye snack

St. Mary’s is an eye snack

Staring at the computer screen for a long time, the eyes are dry and itchy, and easy to fatigue.

Sun Shuxia, Chairman of the Nutrition Safety Professional Committee of the China Health Care Association, reminded computer friends that eating a virgin fruit, which is a small tomato, can alleviate dry eyes.

  The long time I spend watching the computer is that my eyes are dry because the retina in the eyes has a light-sensitive substance, rhodopsin, which is formed by the combination of vitamin A and opsin.

The light waves on the computer screen will damage the rhodopsin in the eyes. Over time, the eyes will have fatigue, increased eye waste, dry and itchy eyes.

  If the eye is likened to a camera, rhodopsin is considered a negative. If the negative is not enough, photography is impossible.

  Therefore, if there are a large number of “negative films” of rhodopsin, it is necessary to ensure the adequacy of its synthetic element vitamin A. At this time, the virgin fruit can come in handy.

  Don’t look at the small maiden fruit, it is a full vitamin storehouse.

  The content of vitamin A in the virgin fruit is outstanding in fruits and vegetables. In addition, the virgin fruit is rich in vitamin C and vitamin P, which can scavenge free radicals and has strong antioxidant capacity, which can protect the cells.DNA to avoid genetic mutations.

  At the same time, the pectin component in the virgin fruit can increase the elasticity of the skin, so eating it as a snack can both beautify and protect the eyes.

  The maiden fruit is best eaten with its skin. If you are worried about pesticide residues, rub it with salt and rinse it with water.

However, the maiden fruit is stored for too long, and the nutrients will be lost, so try to eat it while it is fresh.