Not willing to throw anything, like to collect.

Do you have obsessive-compulsive hoarding?

Not willing to throw anything, like to collect.
Do you have obsessive-compulsive hoarding?

Xiao Jing has an unusual hobby-collecting books.

In the bedroom, comic books, elementary school textbooks, college books, and even picked up books are piled up in cardboard boxes or scattered around the corner.

There are more and more books in the house, and when parents are so anxious that she throw them away, she rises up, saying that every book is useful, and her heart is empty when she throws it away.

In addition, Xiaojing also likes to collect shopping bags of various brands and materials, and stuffed a room full of them.

  Case analysis: Xiao Jing’s condition is obsessive-compulsive hoarding, and the American Psychiatric Association counts about 2 cases.

3% -4.


This symptom manifests as excessive collection of worthless or useless items, ice cream packaging bags, clothes tags, beverage bottle caps, etc., hoarders have “deep affection” for these items.

Collecting behavior often interferes with the lives of yourself or those around you.

Obsessive-compulsive hoarding is related to psychological trauma, and buying unlimited useless things may be a way to vent emotional trauma.

In addition, people who do not have a strong sense of security and self-worth will use a lot of possessions to bring psychological needs.

The main difference between compulsory hoarding and general hoarding is whether there is a conflict in the heart.

Someone will be surrounded by annoyances after hoarding goods, but still can’t control “hoarding”, which is considered a compulsion potential.

  Psychological prescription: Excessive hoarders need to find the underlying cause with the help of a psychological counselor to find a sense of security.

Those who love hoarding still have to “practice once” and slowly learn to give up useless things.

The best thing for a family member is to divert their attention and make them study new things instead of indulging in the past.

Don’t throw away the hoarder’s stuff rudely, which causes him to feel abandoned and even frustrated.